“Assist Global finds places where strategic gospel discipleship and resourcing can meet.” Duane Frieson, Assist Global 

What would we do?

1. Assist in Proclamation. Provide evangelistic tools to local leaders to see the Gospel shared with main language groups.  We will initiate the use of “Jesus Film” distribution and other evangelistic tools. We would partner with TWR/DE to base a regional training hub for spiritual next steps of new believers and leaders. Training and tooling are our main strategy goals. 

2. Assist in Partnerships. We want to cheerlead and unite already working ministries to our hub strategy on the ground. We also want to grow a support network to be part of what God is already doing.

3. Assist in Provision. Organize and develop a national entity that can link to the west to provide for the needs of regional refugees. 

4. Assist in Preparedness. Lurking regional challenges pose threats to a region or nation. Providing goals to be proactive in possible war will lay a foundation that connects western Churches before the refugee crises expand. 

5. Assist in Planting/Preaching. Having had years of ministry experience, we both can help in lifting ministry hands in the region in an international ministry model, potentially stabilizing a local international church. 

6. Assist in Praying. We don’t always need to lead the charge. Sometimes it is better to lift the hands, support, and uphold regional leaders in prayer. We want to be servants in the region. 

7. Assist in Property allocation. Finding a facility that can host multiple ministries will be a goal. The development of a national association can provide the framework to guide assets on the ground for God’s glory. 

8. Assist in ASSIST promotion. There will be regional leaders worthy of extra support and western workers looking for help and network in North America. 

The Friesen Family

The Friesen’s have been blessed to serve in church ministry in North America and the Middle East for over 20 years. They oversee the Strategic Hub development of Assist Global. The Friesen family is blessed with 4 children.