Hi ASSIST Family – this is a critical moment for Canadian and world health. What can the ASSIST family do to show God’s love in this season? Prayer for God’s grace and healing is first of course. 
But on an individual level we can be present in our communities. Here is a practical suggestion. Below is what my wife, Laura, and I are going to distribute to 20 or so homes in our neighbourhood. We are handwriting the notes. I offer this for your consideration. Obviously if you are quarantined you can’t participate. if you have other ideas for being the hands and feet of Jesus – please let’s pool them.
NOTE TO OUR NEIGHBOURS:Hello – We are your neighbours, Kevin and Laura Schular, living on ____ Street. In light of the fact that some of us may get sick during the Covid-19 Virus pandemic and may have to stay home, we wanted you to have our phone number. Please call or text if we can help in some way. If you run out of supplies or need groceries picked up or dropped off at your door – we are happy to help as much as we can. We are all in this together! You are not alone!

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