Many people ask about the effects of Covid 19 in Cuba. As of the end of September there were 5780 cases and 122 recorded deaths. 
Some tourist resorts will be open October 15 for foreign visitors. All services will require credit cards. Cash will not be accepted. Medical teams will do frequent inspections. Excursions from the resorts will be controlled. The month long curfew in Havana ended this week but travel is restricted. There are great shortages for the average Cuban. 
Many churches are continuing to use the money we gave them last year to carry on their work. Here is a letter from a pastor’s son and some pictures of their new home.
Good morning pastor. May God continue to abundantly bless you and your family. It is a deep joy to hear from you. Thank God we are all fine here.  Glory to God. In all these years we have not stopped praying for you or for your family and ministry.
Here in Cuba the virus has been little in certain provinces, but in Havana and Ciego de Avila as it is there have been many cases of infection. Some schools are open, but many are still closed.
Here in Havana there was a second wave of infection that is why we are once again in quarantine, public transport was removed and later they prohibited the large traffic of people on the streets.
I inform you that the ministerial work in the Vineyard of the Lord has not stopped in any way, there have been complications due to the virus, but still we continue working for Our Lord.
We make visits to the closest brothers (within a radius of 2-3 kilometers) and in their homes we have prayer times and we share together The Sacred Word of God. Since we cannot congregate in the church. We also hold times of fasting and prayer each family in their homes. Through WhatsApp groups we share together with the brothers since many live far from us (more than 10 kilometers) and for reasons of the distance it is difficult to walk home (here it is established that you cannot be out on the street to starting at 7 pm, that is why it is very difficult to go visit those brothers who live far away, there is not enough time to walk home and return the same day, many of them cannot host us overnight).
Brothers Máximo and Orlando are doing well thanks to God, bearing fruit in the Gospel and serving the Lord themselves and their families. The church has remained faithful and loyal to God despite these times of social isolation in which it is forbidden to meet in churches due to the virus.
Pastor, thank you once again for the help that you gave us that day that you came here. My family and I never forget what you did. We give thanks and glory to God and we thank you too. Thank God we don’t have to live in a rental, we already have our own house. It has yet to be finished, but we are already living in it. Thank God we have our family here with us. We built a room, the bathroom (but this is not finished yet, we actually use a latrine that we built a few meters from the house) and the living room. We still have to finish the other part of the house, but we give glory to God because He has been faithful to His Promises. There I send you some photos.
Once again I am delighted to hear from you. We continue to pray for you and your families and churches, we will also pray against that allergy that is suffering for your daughter. A big greeting my dear brother. God cover you with His Shadow and protect you with His Mantle. God continue to guard them and protect them from all disease and free them from all viruses. Psalm 91.
Many blessings pastor.
assist canada cuba
assist canada cuba

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