We want you all to get to know our mission team a little better! We asked David Smith, Part of the Cuba Team some questions about the ministry and how he got involved! 

How did you feel God’s invitation to consider missions?

I have been involved with mission trips for 20 years. At first they were all working projects. As I got older and needed hip replacements we responded to Don Pickel’s invitation to go on a trip with Assist that did not involve physical work.

How did you take steps to faithfully explore the possibility of missions?

There was no exploration needed to get involved with mission work, just opportunity. If mission trips had been in fashion when I was young I probably would have ended up on the mission field full time.

What is the main purpose of your ministry?

We have been with Assist for 5 years but went on our first trip as guests 12 years ago. I once pastored two churches and have been ministering in pulpit supply and intern work for 40 years.

Who is involved in your leadership team?

My wife Susan, Don Pickel, Jake Rempel, John Harder are the leading forces at present.

What are the biggest challenges your ministry faces?

As I am not authorized to visit Cuba without a team I need to gather a team that would be flexible and not demanding that I be a tour guide to entertain them.

What is the next step/program/thing your ministry is focusing on?

We will continue our medicine box ministry as long as we are allowed. We are going as guests with another mission to observe and learn. We hope to take a team of 12 Bible school students to Cuba next March 2024.

How can we pray for you?
Any additional updates you would like to share?

You can pray for our health, we have good health now but as we age we will find trips harder. I am 72 and Susan is 70. We have opportunities to speak at many churches. Pray that this will continue and we will connect with donors.

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