Although many of our missionaries cannot travel to their fields in these covid times, God is still working through them with the connections they have made. Here is a letter from one of the Pastors in the Philippines, that our partners Edgar and Tita minister to.

Dear Ptr Edgar, The faith of God’s people cannot be defeated because the Lord Jesus is the Author and Perfecter thereof. When the lockdowns and quarantine came down, one would think that even believers would succumb to the fear and depression that settled on most people. But that was not the case. The members of Bethesda Gospel Church (BGC) listened to our online preaching as early as March 15 including our weekly Bible study. The members of Grace of Christ Church (GOCC) in Calapacuan, joined BGC using their cellphones. In the midst of this, Sister Emelita started a Bible study with the friends of her children who chose to hang out in their home during the lockdown. The members of GOCC continued to meet by themselves regularly, even when it was impossible for us to visit them. In the first relief effort we did in Calapacuan, we used some funds from the GOCC church and supplied members with rice and canned goods. The second relief drive came from members of BGC who donated rice and food stuff to both members of BGC and GOCC who were going through tough times. It was a great boost to their faith, knowing that we are one church at this time of crisis. Lawin Christian Church (LCC) also received assistance from BGC. One wonderful testimony to the faith of our brothers and sisters in GOCC was that, as they faithfully participated in our online ministry, they never grumbled or complained about any of their needs. They chose to pray about it instead. It was only when I asked that I became aware of the great difficulties that most of them were going through.

Many husbands and adult children are unemployed. Most of these families don’t have fixed income. It is a daily struggle which has become impossible because of the “lock-down” due to Covid 19. A widow (Sis Ellen) was laid off and is praying for electrical service to be installed in her home so she can start a small sewing business. Another widow (Sis Cristy) survives by running a mini convenience store and doing therapeutic massage, on the side. The students, and there are over 10 of them, participate in their online classes using their cellphones or the cellphones of their parents. None of them has a laptop or a desktop computer. Please pray for them. Since I am not allowed to travel to Subic, being a senior citizen, it was Sis Emelita who visited the members and reported to me their situations. Ptr Greg of Lawin Christian Church (LCC) reported that they doing well. Someone had told me jokingly that they are so remotely located that the virus could not get to them. The vehicle (Thanks to Assist) is doing well, but they had failed to register it last July because of the lockdown. Your prayers are not unheard by heaven. We serve one God who sees us as One people. Thanks for caring for the families in Olongapo, Calapacuan & Lawin. To God be the glory!

Ptr. Rizaldy Payuran Pastor – BGC

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