ASSIST first began its ministry of supporting indigenous pastors back in the early 1990’s. The ministry in Latin America has gone through periods of growth and change and we currently support 15 local pastors in one specific country. 

We provide spiritual encouragement to needy people through supporting local pastors so that they can focus more effectively on their own church families and communities. ASSIST is also involved with equipping pastors with biblical training through educational seminars and conferences at a local Bible Institute.

ASSIST finances projects by raising funds to build new churches, schools, and medical clinics, provide ministry equipment and facility upgrades in local churches, as well as meet the most basic necessities of the community, like providing clean water.

Short-term mission trips provide opportunities for evangelism, street ministry, and free eye clinics in remote communities as well.

We are excited to announce, that we will have in-country ASSIST representatives continuing to support the work we currently do, as well as support new work with orphaned and vulnerable children families. Please see the news page for updates regarding our new Latin America project.

Our Latin American missionary family has been travelling to their host country on short term mission teams since the early 2000’s. God got a hold of their hearts, for the great need in their unnamed country of placement. They moved their family, and have purchased a ministry property in a small rural community. As foster parents for over 5 years, their hearts are heavy for orphaned and vulnerable children. The work they will be doing is two fold.

Working with orphaned and vulnerable children and families to prevent orphans and preserve families by being the hands and feet of Jesus,  in addition to hosting short term mission teams to share with the Western Church, a global responsibility. Team Trip Info Coming Soon. For more information email us.

Pastor Reuben (National Rep)

Pastor Reuben works in the capital city. He works closely with ASSIST to co-ordinate ASSIST projects and support Pastors within the more rural areas.