ASSIST Partners: David and Ruth Miclash

Alongside International is a program of ASSIST Canada that exists to mobilize Canadians from all walks of life to provide direct, hands-on relief to those living in poverty and despair. We believe that God can use your time and talents to help bring healing and hope to people in our community projects.

Upcoming Trips

For more information about our Alongside International program call David Miclash at 905 317-92591 or contact him by e-mail.

David has a background managing large accounting and administration offices as a government accountant and development auditor. He founded an International Development Consulting Agency, managed Canadian International Development Agency projects abroad and is the founding Director of Alongside International.

David’s vision is to mobilize and facilitate unique opportunities to engage Canadians in demonstrating hands-on love to support “select” indigenous Christian ministries by strategically bringing help, healing and hope to those in need. David has led over 90 projects teams to many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America. He believes everyone has gifts and skills that can make positive, life-changing differences in people’s lives, thus making the world a better place to live.

Ruth is a retired physiotherapist who has worked extensively in rehabilitation centres in Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Ontario helping people with orthopedic and neurological conditions plus complex and continuing medical care. Ruth grew up in a Christian home on the Canadian prairies and has committed her life to Jesus Christ at 12 years of age.

Ruth has a special place in her heart to care for those in need. She has 3 adult sons two having been involved with Alongside International on outreaches to the Dominican Republic. Ruth’s team involvement in Uganda, Liberia and Nigeria has enabled her to further enhance and demonstrate holistically her love for those suffering from poverty, illiteracy, hunger and disease. She provides superb leadership through her special judgement, analytical and people skills enhanced with her medical background and experience.