Prayer Requests – Pressing needs

  1. A palm and palm kernel oil machine set – US$2500. 

The palms are producing more each year and it is becoming very difficult to produce the oil by hand. Besides producing oil for our own use, other farmers will also bring theirs for production. This will generate a regular income for the Home. There is no other machine in or around our community.


  1. 15 rolls of chicken wire – US$600.

We have already started a Home Meat producing project. We have renovated the old building. To reduce feeding cost, we have started free ranging animals including chickens.

We have put up a 4 roll, 400 foot fence, but it is too small for the number of birds we have, so we want to extend it with 15 more rolls at $40 each. 


Prayer Requests – Other Needs

  1. Funds to support the School’s garden project.

We are trying to raise funds for school supplies and volunteer teacher’s stipend.

The school has been facing great difficulties as most volunteer teachers (which are in the majority) comes at will as they are not paid regularly.

The government has not been doing much in recent years, and help from the parents/community is LOW. LMCH does as much as we can, but with all our own expenses, we can only go so far….!!


We continue to pray for food, school, and staff funds, as we strive toward self-sustainability.  Everything we do and have been doing and continue to do is aiming towards self-sustainability.


  1. We are praying to re-roof our church and raise it another 3 feet.

This is our plan for 2024, so we are working towards raising funds for that purpose. We hope by October to begin this project.


  1. Prayers for God’s grace upon our lives, to face and go through each day successfully.

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