Thanks to technology and God’s grace we have been able to continue ministry efficiently, effectively and economically.  In fact, the current lock down has forced us to be better communicators and our coverage reaches out to reach out to more than before.  However, nothing will replace face to face contact that promotes and illustrates God’s love through sight, touch, sound and demonstrates sincere emotion.  Please pray with us this pandemic will end soon.

God allowed us to complete our team outreach to the Linda Miclash Children’s Home in Liberia in late February.  We all arrived home just before the virus “call to arms”.  We are amazed and very grateful.   The school construction is progressing well and the building has reached roof height.  

In addition, we also sent a sea container that arrived in Liberia shortly after we left for home.  Praise Him for allowing us to raise enough funds to ship the container, clear it through customs, empty it and have the contents trucked overland to the Home.  The girls will now have enough food, soap, clothing, linens, to last for about another year.  By God’s grace we will be able to support them for another couple of years until the farm operation helps them become self sustaining.  The children’s Christian education has progressed to the point of maturity so as they are able to be effective witnesses to their people.  Thank God!  Please praise God and thank God for all He has done for and with us and them … with you.  We could not do this without your prayer and financial support.

alongside liberia

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