Monrovia, Liberia 

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Current number of children at the Home is 38, including 8 off- campus.

There are eight staff members.  


  1. The Tree Crops Project:  includes palm, oranges and cocoa. Except for the cocoa, the palm and oranges are growing well. We continue to harvest palm from the main campus plot since the last half year. All of the crops are in the bush. The farm across the road has not been brushed since January 2020, before the last Team’s visit from Canada. We were able to get the main campus brushed before last Christmas 2020. This project is a major part of our self-sustainability plan, and we bless God for its progress.
  2. Vegetable project: Three garden plots were brushed this year. Two have already been burned, cleaned and planted with beans, corn okra, cassava and wheat.

We were unable to work on the third plot before the rains came, so we are waiting for October to continue with this one. We have also planted eddoes, greens, tomatoes, pepper, okra, and others around the yard.  

The plantain and bananas are doing great and we are able to harvest almost year round.

This project is mainly to help provide food for the home on a daily or weekly  basis.

  1. Staff Chicken Project: This project was started with the purpose of augmenting staff funds. The feed budget was greatly underestimated, but again as in everything else, the Lord is taking us through one day at a time.

Though we know that this project may take a couple of years to be able to stand alone, we have high hopes of its success. The chickens are growing well and by God’s grace we are over coming each challenge of raising chickens as it arises.

The girls 

The past 2 months have been hectic and very stressful as almost everyone, girls and staff alike came down with one illness or another; sometimes 2, 3 or even 4 at a time. By God’s grace, the situation has improved and is now down to 1 or 2 at a time. Praise God!

This academic school year ended on Friday August 6, 2021. We intend for the girls to remain at the Home to attend vacation school to improve in English, math and their reading skills.

Problems, needs and suggested solutions.

  1. Maintenance 

The crops, in fact the entire compound and farm is over grown with bush. 

  • Need funds to brush
  • Estimated amount. USD$ 500.00
  • Insecticide/pesticide – 10cans x $ 15.00= 150.00


  1. Water- There is a need for a borehole/drilled well, as there’s still a problem with the pumps drying out from April – June each year.

See BOQ—————————————- $5,610.50

One reservoir for water- estimated cost – 4,000.00


  1. Electricity 

The two smaller solar batteries are down, which have dropped the amount of electricity provided to half, as only two of the panel are being used right now. 

  •  2 solar dry cell batteries- estimated cost- 2x $275.00 = $ 550.00
  • 12 fluorescent bulbs – estimated cost ——–12 x $10.00=120.00


The Lord has been good to us as always. We continue to trust him in and for all things.

liberia ministry
liberia ministry

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