New Assist Director for Cuba

We welcomed Pastor Michele Morales to the Assist team. He is our new in country director for Cuba. 

We thank Pastor Samuel for all he has done for Assist in Cuba and wish him the Lord’s blessings as he settles into a new season of retirement .

President Kevin Schular was able to visit Cuba in January 2022 and welcome Pastor Michele to the team. 

We were also thankful to see that the shipping container we sent down several months ago was released from customs and distributed among 300 pastors. Each Pastor left with 20 lbs of rice and 20 lbs of beans that had been distributed by another organization.

Our new Assist agent Richard Salas was also able to visit Cuba and meet with the Pastors. 

Jacob Rempel was able to be in Cuba for 3 months. Please watch out for an update from his time there soon. 

Please pray for the work in Cuba.

Praise God for all that is happening in Cuba and for safety in our agent’s travels. This was the first time they were able to travel since the beginning of the Pandemic. 

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