Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia situated in the western Pacific . It is consists of about 7,641 islands. Through the years the Philippines have seen the influence of the Malaysian, Chinese, Spanish, Americans and the Japanese cultures. Religion is a big part of the Filipino culture.

Currently, we are supporting a work in Southern Philippines specifically in the provinces of Maguindanao, Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat. These provinces have a total population of 2.6 Million of which only 0.1% are Evangelicals. 

We are doing work for evangelism and church planting in the area. We have a building program for a multi – purpose building for church, parsonage, dormitory and bible school.

Another work that we are involved in is in the outskirts of Subic Bay, Zambales, Luzon among the poor children in an area known as “Shabu Divisoria,” or Crystal Meth market. Involvement in illegal drugs and gambling is very rampant in this place. 

Outreach is done through a Feeding program and Bible Study weekly to reach these high-risk children in the area under the leadership of a Pastor. The goal is to offer a better life for these kids. A life lived for Jesus.


Edgar and Tita Pinero

Gerry Falco

Gerry accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior as a young adult on July 23, 1978. For his spiritual training, he attended Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto Canada, where he received his Master’s of Religious Studies in March 1985. Gerry has
been an associate pastor, a church planter, and a Christian radio broadcaster. He was
ordained as a Baptist minister in May 1986.

Gerry has also served in the missions field throughout his life. He went to the Commonwealth of Dominica as a missionary from 1981 to 1983. He led short-term
mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Most recently, Gerry has been personally involved in planning, coordinating, recruiting, and fundraising for short-term
medical mission trips in the Philippines over the past 10 years.
He is now focused on building Camp Moses, a Christian retreat center in The Philippines, through a partnership with ASSIST. Gerry started the groundwork of the
Camp Moses ministry in 2019. In addition to facility projects on campgrounds, Gerry
has extended the Camp’s outreach to nearby schools by providing school supplies and
helping build a computer center for the community. By establishing relationships
between Camp Moses and the surrounding communities and churches, the Camp will
be used to evangelize to people locally and in the neighbouring four provinces on the
island of Panay.
Gerry is married to his beautiful wife and prayer partner Brigitte. Together, they were
blessed with five boys. Gerry continues to focus and persist towards the task that the
Lord Jesus Christ entrusted to him for His Kingdom and for His Glory.