Sri Lanka

 Sivarajah Saiyanthan is a retired Accountant from Coca-Cola Canada, after working there for 32 1/2 years in various positions. His wife Shyamala, has also recently retired from Scotiabank. With their newly retired stage of life, they were pondering on what God wanted them to do in this next chapter.

Having exposure to some missionaries and missionary work, they considered doing the same in their country of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, just off the southeastern coast of India. Despite its modest size, Sri Lanka has a population of about 22 million people. Sri Lanka is a well-known producer of tea,
rubber, coconut, and textiles. Sri Lanka’s economy is in a slump lately, and as such, much of the population is going through financial hardships.

The Saiyanthans are currently starting to work with an organization in the northern part of Sri Lanka that helps families
who live in extreme poverty. The village is called “Mylankadu” which is located in Jaffna. There are about 150 children aged in the range of 6yrs – 16yrs receiving free after-school programs at this centre. The parents of these children live on daily wages which is barely enough for their family’s daily needs. The program runs Monday to Friday 3 pm -6 pm. Some of the children come directly from school without having their lunch. The pastor and his wife provide meals for such children. The centre is operated and led by Pastor Suraj and his wife. They also conduct Sunday service and Sunday school programs.

During a recent visit to Sri Lanka, Sivarajah and Shyamala had the opportunity to visit the centre in Mylankadu.
They were moved by the efforts that the team puts in to reach these poor children through this ministry. Their efforts truly exemplify God’s love.

During the conversation with Pastor Suraj, they learned that around 30 families of the children who attend this program do not have toilets of their own. There are no public toilet facilities in this neighbourhood. As such, they either use someone else’s toilet or just use the outside field. This practice poses a breeding ground for various diseases. It was heartbreaking to hear the struggles that these young girls, with their families, go through daily. With this reality, God placed a deep burden in our hearts to extend assistance to these families to build toilets. However, the need is so great and so we would like to give you the opportunity to partner with