We live in a world where the gap between prosperity and poverty grows wider and wider. ASSIST Canada desires to come alongside people who are committed to serving Jesus Christ but who face economic hardships that hinder their ministry.

In many countries around the world, a relatively small investment by North American standards can become life changing. ASSIST works in countries where small investments can have dramatic impact in the life of faithful men and women who want to reach their communities with the gospel message.

We invite you to learn about the ministries ASSIST supports in a number of countries. Your investment can be used to transform lives – both physically through providing the basic necessities of life – food, water, medical supplies – but also spiritually through supporting the work of pastors, evangelists, and other servants of God working faithfully to further His kingdom.

Currently we now minister in Nicaragua, Cuba, India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Philippines, Liberia and amongst refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

How ASSIST can strengthen your Canadian Ministry

Are you a Canadian Ministry seeking a registered charity to partner with? Let’s connect to see if serving with ASSIST is right for your ministry.